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TRW114 - Stevens Independent Bat. of Art

Steven's Independent Artillery

About Steven's Independent Artillery

  Steven’s Battalion of Artillery was composed of the artillery units which had been on the northern border since late 1776. In February 1778 it was made part of the Continental Artillery, although not part of any other unit. In the fall of 1778, Steven’s Battalion was designated the Third Battalion of Knox’s Artillery Brigade. (1).


  We have  black coats faced red as our uniform based on research we have conducted. Black coats appear to have been a somewhat unofficially adopted uniform for the artillery serving with the main Continental Army, according to one of Washington’s letters.  An item in the Independent Chronicle, notes  the Continental Artillery are  clothed in black coats, with red lapels and yellow buttons, white waistcoats and breeches, white stockings and black garters, smart cocked hats with hair cockades and white tassels. In addition, there are also records of brown coats as well. Only a month earlier,three deserters from the battalion were reported in the Pennsylvania Packet, 11 February 1777, in brown coats. 

  Ebenezer Stevens had a Rhode Island connection, having moved to Rhode Island from Massachusetts at the beginning of the Revolution. He began his career in Paddock’s Artillery and was later commissioned a first lieutenant in the Rhode Island Artillery in May, 1775. He was promoted to major in the Independent Battalion of Artillery  on November 9, 1776. 

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